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May 2020

Since we are still urged to stay at home, we have chosen “America’s Test Kitchen’s The Complete Book for Young Chefs” and “One Pan, Whole Family” by Carla Snyder to encourage family members, young and old, to choose and prepare recipes together. Both titles are available to download on Hoopla!


Betsy's Blog
May 6 - Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry (America's Test Kitchen's The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs)

My family is a big fan of home made stir fry, so I was interested to try a different recipe. It was tasty, but very sweet. The use of specialty ingredients was a drawback since I generally prefer using what I have on hand. One great thing about the America's Test Kitchen cookbooks is their clear technique explanations. Seasoned adult cooks and budding young chefs can definitely find something to make together from this book!

(Image via America's Test Kitchen)

May 13th - Magic Vanilla Ice Cream (America's Test Kitchen's The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs)

Just 5 Ingredients!  Really creamy, good flavor and unbelievably easy to make.  I was quite surprised by the texture and flavor given how few ingredients there were!  Definitely trying chocolate next.

(Image via Betsy Mahoney)                            (Image via America's Test Kitchen)
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